General Dacey Trail


Migrate outdated website into a clean, modern and mobile capable website to provide trail info and enable donations.

Informational and fundraising website for the General Dacey Trail.


A six-year-old website was originally created and maintained by volunteers. This site was not compliant with modern-day web browsers, and it lacked mobile capabilities. The trail chairman asked us to integrate social media and to create a way to collect donations online.


We performed a visual overhaul of the website through use of a low-cost content management system (CMS) that would allow the trail volunteers to easily update the website with news and events.

We also provided very simple step-by-step training videos to help them learn how to the use the system on their own time at their own pace. We also worked with community volunteers to add some amazing photos of the trail in use.


A full cleanup and update of site content was completed. This made the site much easier to navigate and use on traditional computer and mobile devices.

A donation system was embedded into the site to allow donors to pay via online major credit cards and PayPal.

Finally, we added in a system to track all visitors to the site which provides powerful market intelligence about potential use of the trail.